Why Trans Escorts Blacklist Clients

  • 31 March 2021
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When dealing with clients it can be very frustrating specially if you are a Ts Escort. To be successful you need to have the patience of a saint as there are some clients that you would love to kill for the stress they cause you. Some clients after meeting their dream hottie wonder why they are blacklisted. Well if you want to know some of the reasons i will list a few below.


1) Hygiene

You might treat you companion like a gentleman and with respect but what TS escort wants to have sex with a person who has bad body odor and bad breath? If you can  afford to pay for a hot session why can't you have a shower and brush your teeth? do you expect an escort to give you deep french kisses and touch you if you are  smelly? personal hygiene is number one on the list. 

 2) No Show

Nobody like a timewaster who sends stupid texts making ridiculous requests and then after all that does not cancel his booking. This is the escorts job only makes  money when actual bookings turn up. She can loose other bookings when she is meant to be booked with you. Then she gets angry and is rude to good clients on the  phone.

 3) Crazy Stalker

These are the type of clients that frighten all shemales because anything can happen with these crazy men. Some of these men believe they are in love with you  and want to find out about your personal life which you want to keep private. They seem to be the same bars or nightclubs or gym that you frequent which is very intimidating for any escort. They do not realise that they have crossed your boundries.

 4) Disrespectful To Escorts

 Some men think just because they are paying for a service then they can treat the other person like rubbish but this is not the case with high class companions. The London shemales have many well  distinguished gentlemen as clients who treat them like a star so they will just simply black list bad mannered clients.   Also no escort likes a bargain hunter if you cannot afford the rate then look for another escort. Bargaining might work in India, but not in western  europe or in UK.

 5) Over Demanding Client

These are the clients who treat the escorts like an old mini car they just want to drive it into the ground! They are very demanding and want sex in one hundred  different positons and squeeze everything out of the poor escort! on top of that they will try to come as many times as possible to get their money's worth.   Also you have the clients who want to take drugs all night and have sex they forget that escorts are not machines and they need to sleep at some stage!

6) Asking other services

In LondonTS.com most transsexuals have their services listed on the page so clients know what to ask. However there are guys who ask additional services. For example feminization, dressing in female clothes and for many escorts, this is a turnoff and they hate it. Of course there are some trans escorts who dont mind it or even like it, but then they have listed those services on their ads.


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