Why Do Couples Stay Together

  • 24 March 2021
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In society its accepted that marriages or couples stay together because it easier than been single. How many women or men in bars and clubs are glancing at the opposite sex when they are with their partner. They say that married men are the most frequent clients of Ts escorts and that is for good reason. There are a lot of bored couples out there looking for a bit of excitement and fun. The problem is they have commitments with mortgages and children some cannot afford to separate. Their marriage is like a business transaction with no end in sight. The main reasons unhappy couples stay together are:


1) Financial Obligations

Many couples share a mortgage and car loans they both work full time and have children in college. Its just too expensive to break up and the man would have to look for another home whch he cannot afford. Its cheaper if they stay together and if the husband visits an escort discreetly then nobody is the wiser.

2)Divorce is Expensive

If a couple gets divorced then all the couples assets can be halved and perhaps the house has to be sold. House prices have only gone up and some banks will not provide a mortgage to a person who is divorced and has financial commitments. Sometimes people do not leave a relationship because its better the devil you know and they are afraid of not finding anybody new.

3)Do Not Break Up The Family

 When children are young the parents want to bring them up together and eat all their meals together as a family unit. if the marriage ends then one person moves out and they will not get to spend as much time as they wanted with their children so everyone looses out. 

4)They love Their Partner

 They have love and respect for their partner but they are not in love with them. The man had fun with a london transsexual escort, but he is a good provider and a good father. From the man's point of view he might  think his wife is a good mother and wife so its easier to stay together and visit a Shemale for some excitment!

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