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Living Legend in BDSM
Legendary Asian Sensation
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Do you yearn to serve a sophisticated powerful TRANSwoman?

- Do you shudder with excitement at the thought of being bound and controlled by a beautiful SHEMALE with a cut glass accent and a designer shoes?

- Perhaps you have a role-play scenario you endlessly fantasize about, that you would love to bring to life?

If reading the above has got you somewhat 'hot under the collar' then youre in the right place!

There is a place called �Shangri-La� where perpetual youth , peace and tranquility reside. It is a heaven on earth, a perfect world to live in. It has come to be known as a kinky and erotic paradise, a �UTOPIA�. It is not a myth. It is somewhere hidden within us. All that is required is someone to guide you, to open up that portal to start your journey towards this kinky paradise. I offer you my DOMINATRIX guidance. I offer you my KINKY knowledge. I offer you myself, a VESSEL. And I leave you with this warning. All who enter this ideal refuge from the troubles of the world rarely ever leave. So be ready in every way to be transported to another dimension. A world full of surprises, never ending lust of unknown fulfillment. You�ll be enthralled with excitement ,wickedly active imagination and debauchery unknown to mankind. The journey begins by deciphering the combination to my passage way I shall await you: just say the magic word " MISTRESS CORDELLIA"


  • Age 25
  • Sexuality More Top
  • Gender Transsexual Pre-Op
  • Penis size 5.5 inches
  • Height 166 cm
  • Weight 80 kg
  • Ethnicity Asian
  • Eye Color Black
  • Hair Color Black

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  • Hours 24/7 open
  • Languages English
  • Availability Incall & Outcall

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